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Metal detectors / Security & Electronic Gates

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Metal detectors

Metal detectors are devices that use electromagnetic fields to detect the presence of metallic objects in a designated area. These devices are commonly used for security screening at airports, public events, government buildings, and other locations where metal objects may pose a threat.

A typical metal detector consists of a search coil and control box. The search coil is a loop of wire that generates an electromagnetic field when a current is applied to it. When the coil passes over a metallic object, the magnetic field is disrupted, and the detector generates an audible or visual alert, indicating the presence of metal.

Metal detectors can be used to detect a wide range of metallic objects, including weapons, coins, jewelry, and even buried treasure. They are also used in construction and archeological sites to locate buried metal objects.

Commercial Door System

security & Electronic Gates

Security and electronic gates are physical barriers designed to control access to a specific area, such as a building, parking lot, or secure facility. These gates are often used in conjunction with security systems to restrict access to authorized personnel and prevent unauthorized entry.

Security gates come in many forms, including swing gates, sliding gates, and barrier gates. They are typically made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum and can be operated manually or electronically. Electronic gates may be equipped with sensors, keycard readers, access codes, or biometric authentication systems to provide additional security and ensure only authorized individuals can gain entry.

Electronic gates may also include other security features such as video surveillance, alarms, and intercom systems, allowing security personnel to monitor and control access remotely.

Commercial Door System