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What is the Qualification of a Security Guard in the UAE?

People in the UAE who want to become security guards pay attention! Are you ready to start a job that will defend and protect others? Knowing what skills a UAE security guard needs is crucial to success. In this brief article, we’ll discuss the most essential qualifications for entering this fast-paced field. Stay tuned to learn how to meet the standards and start a successful security and safety career.

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Requirements for Security Guards in UAE

Training and Certification

In the UAE, people who are required to work as security guards must attend government-approved schools and undergo training. This is called NSI BSG, which means  “National Security Institute Basic Security Guard.” This class is intended to give individuals the information and abilities they need to take care of their responsibilities competently as security guards in a scope of spots.

NSI BSG Certificate

Those who successfully finish the NSI BSG course, which includes passing all written tests and module tasks, are given a certificate. This document proves that the person has successfully finished the required training and is now qualified to work as a security guard in Abu Dhabi and the Western part of the UAE.

Course Curriculum

There are many important topics for security guards to learn in the NSI BSG course, such as

Security Procedures 

Understanding security standards and processes is important for keeping things safe and in order in many situations.

Emergency Response 

You will learn what to do in case of fires, medical emergencies, and security breaches.

Communication Skills 

You should improve your speaking skills so that you can talk to people at work, with clients, and in an honest way.

Legal and Ethical Considerations 

Security guards need to know both the rules that apply to their job and what is right and wrong.

Surveillance Techniques 

How to keep an eye on things and look for signs of bad behavior.

Conflict Resolution 

Learn how to talk things out without getting violent.

Physical Fitness 

You may have to walk around the building and stand for a long time at work, so you’re getting in shape.

Licensing Requirements

Completion of Accredited Training Program

People who want to work as security guards must finish an accepted training program, such as the NSI BSG course, and pass it. This is how they learn the things they need to know for work. He usually talks about a lot of different things, like how to stay safe, what to do in an emergency, how to talk to people, and moral and legal issues.

Passing Background Checks

The right people must do background checks on applicants to make sure they don’t have any security or crime records. People who want to be security guards are more likely to be honest and fair when they go through background checks. This makes people feel better and more sure of themselves.

Medical Examination

Some jobs as security guards require full medical exams to make sure the people applying are healthy enough to do the job. The purpose of this test is to ensure that guards are fit enough to perform their jobs appropriately and safely. Their hearts, eyes, and ears are all checked.

Language Proficiency

UAE security officers should often have the ability to communicate in English and Arabic so that they can be heard in many locations. This could imply that candidates need to step through composed and spoken examinations in either of these dialects to demonstrate the way that they can talk and think of them. This is finished so they can talk effectively with clients, colleagues, and individuals in the general population.


To be a security guard, they need to go through preparation, get a permit, and do a lot of different things. Individuals can become familiar with the essential abilities and data they need to function as security guards in Dubai through the NSI BSG preparation. People can get a license and start working as private security guards in the UAE once they finish this study. By doing this, people will be safer.